Embedded Artistry Templates, Documents, and Source Code
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Embedded Artistry Public Resources

Contains templates, documents, and source code examples referenced on https://embeddedartistry.com.



This repository requires git-lfs. If you do not have this installed, please visit https://git-lfs.github.com

If you cloned this repository before installing git-lfs, please run git lfs pull. Otherwise clone will automatically perform a git lfs pull.


This repository builds with premake5. I have currently bundled premake for OSX, if you are a linux or windows user please check: https://premake.github.io/download.html


  • build/
    • Common build definitions used in the various Makefiles throughout the repository
  • examples/
    • c
      • C examples for the Embedded Artistry website
    • cpp/
      • C++ examples for the Embedded Artistry website
    • libc/
      • Example libc implementation
  • interview/
    • Example interview question implementations
  • manufacturing/
    • Documents & templates that are useful for the manufacturing side of the embedded world.


You can run make from the top level to build all examples. You can also run make interview, make c, make cpp, make libc to build only specific examples. Output will be placed in a folder called buildresults/ at the top level.

Each of the source directories contains a Makefile that can be used independently. Each of these Makefiles has separate targets for the individual examples. Running make on any of the source folders will build all the contained examples. Results will be placed in a folder called buildresults within the particular source directory that was built.