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This is WizFi250 Arduino Library and Example
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Wi-Fi Shield for Arudino using WizFi250-EVB from Wiznet



You can find hardware document of WizFi250-EVB for Arduino at Hardware\ver1.0. In this directory, These are PCB files for the WizFi250-EVB for Arduino. The files were created in the free & low cost EagleCad software available from here.

For using WizFi250-EVB with Arduino, You have to connect 0ohm register to 1 and 2 of R14. WizFi250-EVB1


These are driver code of WizFi250 and example code. Driver code of WizFi250 are at Software\WizFi250. And we did prepare many example code of WizFi250-EVB for Arduino.

  • WizFi250RCCar
  • WizFi250UdpNtpClient
  • WizFi250WebClientTest
  • WizFi250WebServer
  • WizFi250XivleyClient

You can find these examples codes at Software\WizFi250\Examples.

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