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The Embedly Wordpress plugin allows bloggers to embed videos, images and rich media from 300+ providers with just the url.
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Embedly Wordpress Plugin

Updating the plugin:

  1. Ensure the github repo readme.txt and embedly.php are showing the correct version of the plugin (i.e. from 4.0.1 -> 4.0.2, this version needs to be reflected in these two files)

  2. in the svn repo, svn up to update, if necessary

  3. cp github_repo_dir/* svn_repo_dir/trunk/ (remove any .git or other unnecessary files (like this '' file!))

  4. cd svn_repo_dir/trunk

  5. check updates with svn stat and svn diff (especially the version bump)

  6. svn ci -m "a public message" --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD

  7. cd .. go up to the master svn directory

  8. make a new tag mkdir tags/X.Y.Z && svn add tags/X.Y.Z

  9. svn-copy the trunk files svn cp trunk/* tags/X.Y.Z/

  10. Check changes again with svn stat and svn diff if necessary

  11. svn ci -m "tagging version X.Y.Z" --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD

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