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Appweb Embedded Web Server
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Embedthis Appweb

Build Status

The fast, little web server for embedded applications.


The repository has three branches:

  • master - Most recent release of the software.
  • lts - Most recent LTS release of the software.
  • dev - Current ongoing development.


See for details.

To read documentation:



You can build with make or with MakeMe. MakeMe is quicker and more flexible.
To install MakeMe, download it from

To build with make:


You can pass make variables to tailor the build. For a list of variables:

make help

To build with MakeMe:


For a list of configure options:

./configure --help

To run

make run


me run

To install:

sudo make install


sudo me install

To uninstall

sudo make uninstall


sudo me uninstall

To test:

me test


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