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Expansion plugin for ESP files
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Expansive plugin for ESP files. This plugin will compile ESP pages into loadable libraries.

Provides the 'esp' service.

To install:

pak install exp-esp

To configure in expansive.json:

  • clean — Command to use to clean the cache. Defaults to 'esp clean'. If using Appweb, set to 'appweb-esp clean'.
  • compile — Command to use to compile the files. Defaults to 'esp compile'. If using Appweb, set to 'appweb-esp compile'.
  • enable — Set to true to enable the compilation of ESP files. Defaults to true.
  • esp — Set to the path to the esp command. Appweb users may need to set this to 'appesp'.
  • keep — Keep the dist/**.esp files after compilation. Note: this means you cannot do stand-alone 'esp compile' as the files will not be present to compile. You must do 'expansive render'. Defaults to true.
  • mappings — File extensions to process. Defaults to: [ 'esp' ].
  • serve — ESP command line to invoke esp to serve client browser requests. Defaults to 'esp --trace stdout:4 LISTEN' where LISTEN is replaced with the listen port configured in the esp.json or expansive.json files.
    services: {
        'esp': {
            clean: 'appweb-esp clean',
            compile: 'appweb-esp compile',
            keep: true,
            serve: 'appweb --log stdout:4 --trace stdout:4 LISTEN',

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