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Expansion plugin for Less files
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Expansive plugin for Less files.


The exp-less plugin provides build tooling for stylesheets. It provides the less service to compile less stylesheets into CSS stylesheets.

A map of file dependencies may be defined so that a master Less stylesheet will be rebuilt by Expansive whenever an include stylesheet is updated.


pak install exp-less


Provides the following services:

  • less


The less service processes LESS stylesheets using the lessc utility into CSS stylesheets.

By convention, exp-less expects master Less stylesheets to be named with a '.css.less' extension and included Less files to use a simple '.less' extension.


  • enable — Enable the less service to process less files. Defaults to true.
  • files — Array of file patterns of stylesheets to compile. Defaults to [ '.less', '!.css.less' ] which selects all files with a '.less' extension and omits those with a '.css.less' extension.
  • stylesheets — Stylesheets to update if any less file changes. If specified, the "dependencies" map will be automatically created. Defaults to 'css/all.css'.
  • dependencies — Explicit map of dependencies if not using "stylesheet". They property name is the master LESS stylesheet and the value contains the ingredient less stylesheets that are included by the master.
    services: {
        'less': {
            enable: true,
            files: [ '**.less', '!**.css.less', '!css/unwanted.css' ],
            dependencies: { 
                'css/all.css.less' : '**.less' 
            stylesheets: [ 'css/all.css' ],

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