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Semantic-UI Scaffold
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Expansive Semantic-UI skeleton plugin.

This provides:

  • Semantic-UI
  • JQuery
  • Configuration for Expansive plugins:
  • Default layout
  • Default partials
  • Starter home page

To install:

pak install exp-semantic-skeleton


The Semantic skeleton is a starter skeleton for Expansive using Semantic-UI. It provides a default layout, partial pages and is configured to use Less stylesheets. Extensions are installed to process less stylesheets and minify scripts.

The skeleton is configured for a "debug" and "release" mode of operation via the "mode" property in package.json. By default, debug mode will disable minification and mangling of scripts.



  • less.enable — Enable the less service to process less files.
  • less.files — Array of less files to compile.
  • less.dependencies — Explicit map of dependencies if not using "stylesheet".
  • less.stylesheet — Primary stylesheet to update if any less file changes. If specified, the "dependencies" map will be automatically created.
  • css.prefix — Enable running autoprefixer on CSS files to handle browser specific extensions.
  • css.minify — Enable minifying CSS files.
  • js.enable — Enable minifying script files.
  • js.files — Array of files to minify. Files are relative to 'source'.
  • js.compress — Enable compression of script files.
  • js.mangle — Enable mangling of Javascript variable and function names.
  • js.dotmin — Set '.min.js' as the output file extension after minification. Otherwise will be '.js'.
    services: {
        'less': {
            enable: true,
            files: [ '!**.less', '**.css.less' ]
            dependencies: { 'css/all.css.less' : '**.less' },
            stylesheet: 'css/all.css',
        'css': {
            prefix: true,
            minfiy: true,
        'js': {
            enable:     true,
            files:      null,
            compress:   true,
            mangle:     true,
            dotmin:     false,

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