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Triangle Peg Solitaire

This is a program that I wrote just for kicks to solve triangle peg solitaire:

The goal of the puzzle is to remove pegs, one at a time, by jumping one peg over another, ending with just one peg remaining. This program uses a depth first search of all possible moves to find a sequence of moves that solves the puzzle. It's written in JavaScript and uses the HTML5 canvas element to animate the solution. You can see a working version of the program at


The code files are:

  • src/tripeg-logic.js

    Contains the structures and logic to solve the puzzle. This file is self-contained, in the sense that it has no external dependencies and it does no graphics or DOM manipulation; it could be used verbatim to create a command-line program to print the solution; see the comments in the file for details.

  • src/tripeg-graphics.js

    Contains code that uses the HTML5 canvas element to draw and animate the puzzle.

  • src/tripeg-ui.js, index.html, and tripeg.css

    These files use jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, and tripeg-graphics.js to create a user interface for the puzzle in a browser window. The button icons are from Font Awesome.

  • src/animator.js

    A little utility that I wrote to help manage sequences of animations in the browser.

  • src/requestanimationframe.js

    This is Paul Irish's requestAnimationFrame polyfill. The code in animator.js uses requestAnimationFrame to cause the browser to call custom drawing code on the next screen update.

  • spec/

    This subdirectory contains a suite of Jasmine unit tests for tripeg-logic.js; to run them:

    install nodejs (and npm, if it wasn't automatically installed with nodejs)
    npm install
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    grunt test
  • tripeg.js

    This is the final minified JS file for use in a browser. This file is not human-readable, at least not by normal humans. Read the above files instead.