Employee directory built on Web API 2, Entity Framework 6, Angular JS, Bootstrap, and Kendo UI. Uses TOKEN authorization.
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  • Employee directory built on Angular JS, Bootstrap, and Kendo UI
  • Token Based Authentication using ASP.NET Web API 2, Owin and Identity 2
  • Entity Framework 6 at database level

How to Run It

  • Make sure you have at least VS2013 installed and MSSQL 2012.
  • Project is already configured to run with IIS Express.
  • Database will be created automatically using Entity Framework (EF) Model-First (once the application does at least one request).
  • Default Human Resource User (HR) is hr@demo.com with password welcome.
  • Run the Database\AspNetUsers.sql file to fills up database (optional)

How to Generate 30K Records

  • A SQL file was provided into the Database folder.
  • This file was generated using Mockarro Realistic Test Data Generator http://www.mockaroo.com/92231220.
  • After running the application at least once and database was successfully created, run the SQL script file using MSSQL Management Studio or any other tool in order to properly generate all employees with their respective access.

App Requirements in Mind

  • Search over 30K employees
  • HR (Human Resource) and Employee Roles
  • At least to include the following information: Name, Job Title, Location, Phone, Number, Email
  • Use email for authentication