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Please use our CLI-ADDONS instead

We rewrote almost all components from scratch and packed them as Ember-Addons, Please avoid using this project and use the separated components instead:

If you find a useful component in this project that does not exist yet as an addon you can post an issue here.

This project is deprecated, why?

While this project is currently used in many production applications, we have decided to discontinue the development for the development of our new rich components available here:

There are several advantaged for using Indexia Ember Components, some of them are:

  • Components were refactored and designed much better.
  • Components are Ember-Cli addons for easy integration.
  • Components are splitted into addons in order to avoid blowing up the app size with unneccessary bits.

For more info see:

Bootstrap for Ember

Bootstrap for Ember.js is a collection of UI components based on Twitter Bootstrap v3 for Ember.js

Bootstrap for Ember goes much further than using plain Bootstrap by providing extra functionality by leveraging the power of Ember.

With the power of Ember.js and the beauty of Bootstrap, expect interactive, clean, lightweight, powerful and most importantly very easy to use components. In fact, using the components is usually much easier and shorter than using Bootstrap as is, see showcase!


A picture is worth a thousand words

Bootstrap for Ember ShowCase

For forms components, take a look at Ember Forms project


Because Bootstrap is awesome but using it as is for Ember apps makes code dirty as the interaction with Controllers or other Ember components requires code wiring.

This project is heavily based on Ember Components, which makes the usage of the components fun and doesnt ruin the simplicy of Bootstrap usage at all,


This project is under AGGRESSIVE development and changes constantly, if you find it interesting, we suggest you to watch it or visit often to see the new stuff, and if you like it, star it :-)


Also, (Bootstrap for #emberjs using components) is kind of awesome!

— Yehuda Katz (@wycats) August 31, 2013
<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>



Simply copy the 'dist' folder to your project or use Bower:

bower install ember-addons.bs_for_ember --save


Include files in your project

  • You must include the bs-core.min.js file before any other JS components files, this is the minimal core file of the library.
  • Then include one or more JS components in your project, see the /dist/js folder for the component list.

Note: You still need to include the bootstrap css file, but you don't need to include any bootstrap JS files.


  • Bootstrap 3 css.
  • Fontawesome 4.
  • Ember.js 1.3.1 or higher.

Step by Step

For step by step instructions, see Hello World - Step by Step

Thats all, happy coding!



Standard Apache2, see LICENSE.