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As new versions of ember-cli-deploy are releases there is room for breaking changes in the plugins ecosystem.

To ensure that the right plugins are used with the appropriate versions of ember-cli-deploy, and to manage the effort required by maintainers, we've created a GitHub-driven badge service. See the user-friendly website for more details on the general idea.

Updating a badge

Badges are stored as Jekyll pages. For example, the badge for this plugin:

Is stored at:

Versioning information is stored in the YAML front-matter of that post:

layout: plugin
start_version: "0.5.0"
end_version: "1.0.0"
max_supported_version: 001000000000
permalink: /plugins/ember-cli-deploy-s3.svg

To update the badge, open a PR changing the YAML front-matter.

Creating a badge

To create and embed a badge, first author a Jekyll page with the version information as exists. Most badges are likely to be for current content, and thus may only have a start_version property.

To embed your badge, use the filename to determine the badge URL. For example this filename:


Is used as a badge with the following markup:


Please help ensure your own plugins are correctly flagged by adding a badge when you publish.


If your plugin supports only up to a specific version of ember-cli-deploy you can specify an end_version key that will be used in the badge and a max_supported_version key that will be used to compare the current version of ember-cli-deploy and the version supported by the plugin so that the proper color (red or green) can be used in your badge.

Due to limitations of the GH hosting the max_supported_version key has to be an integer.

The format that we're using (without spaces) is:

Major Minor Patch Beta
000   000   000   000

There's also a script create_badge.rb that can be used to ease the process of generating a new badge

Using a badge

Once the PR for your badge is merged simply add it to your project's Readme (we normally also wrap it in a link that points to this repo)



Thanks to @mixonic doing the hard work in mixonic/ember-community-versions


Version compatibility information for ember-cli-deploy




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