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Broccoli Caching Writer

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Drop-in-replacement for broccoli-plugin adding a thin caching layer based on the computed hash of the input directory trees. If any file in an input node has changed, the build method will be called, otherwise (if input is the same) the results of the last build call will be used instead.


var Plugin = require('broccoli-caching-writer');

MyPlugin.prototype = Object.create(Plugin.prototype);
MyPlugin.prototype.constructor = MyPlugin;
function MyPlugin(inputNodes, options) {
  options = options || {};
  // options.inputFiles === array of globs, to consider for the cache key, inputNodes, {
    annotation: options.annotation
} = function() {
  // cache has been busted
  // do anything, for example:
  //   1. read from this.inputPaths
  //   2. do something based on the result
  //   3. and then, write to this.outputPath


new CachingWriter(inputNodes, options)

Call this base class constructor from your subclass constructor.

  • inputNodes: An array of input nodes.

  • options:

    • name, annotation, persistentOutput: Same as broccoli-plugin; see there.

    • cacheInclude (default: []): An array of regular expressions that files and directories in an input node must pass (match at least one pattern) in order to be included in the cache hash for rebuilds. In other words, a whitelist of patterns that identify which files and/or directories can trigger a rebuild.

    • cacheExclude (default: []): An array of regular expressions that files and directories in an input node cannot pass in order to be included in the cache hash for rebuilds. In other words, a blacklist of patterns that identify which files and/or directories will never trigger a rebuild.

      Note, in the case when a file or directory matches both an include and exlude pattern, the exclude pattern wins


list files matched, helpful as it allows us avoid a second glob, lexicographically sorted by relativePath.


list entries (stat objects) of files matched, helpful when further FS information is required on rebuild, lexicographically sorted by relativePath.

ZOMG!!! TESTS?!?!!?

I know, right?

Running the tests:

npm install
npm test


This project is distributed under the MIT license.