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Chai assertions for Ember.js
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Chai assertions for Ember.js.


ember install ember-cli-chai


After installing ember-cli-chai you can import Chai from the chai package:

import chai from 'chai';

or import the expect() function directly:

import { expect } from 'chai';

Have a look at the vendor shim file to understand what else can be imported this way.


Previous versions of ember-cli-chai supported QUnit but due to changes in chai itself this is unfortunately no longer viable. For readable DOM assertions in QUnit we recommend qunit-dom instead.

Chai plugins

ember-cli-chai is able to automatically load a number of popular Chai plugins:

All you have to do is install those plugins via npm install --save-dev. Once they are installed and listed as dependencies in your package.json file they will be used automatically.

Using chai-jquery for example will enable you to write JQuery assertions like:



ember-cli-chai is licensed under the MIT License.

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