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  1. npm uninstall -g ember-cli -- Remove old global ember-cli
  2. npm cache clean -- Clear NPM cache
  3. bower cache clean -- Clear Bower cache
  4. npm install -g ember-cli@1.13.5 -- Install new global ember-cli

Project Update

  1. rm -rf node_modules bower_components dist tmp -- Delete temporary development folders.
  2. npm install --save-dev ember-cli@1.13.5 -- Update project's package.json to use latest version.
  3. npm install -- Reinstall NPM dependencies.
  4. bower install -- Reinstall bower dependencies.
  5. ember init -- This runs the new project blueprint on your projects directory. Please follow the prompts, and review all changes (tip: you can see a diff by pressing d). The most common source of upgrade pain is missing changes in this step.


The following changes are required if you are upgrading from the previous

  • Users
    • ember new diff
    • Upgrade your project's ember-cli version - docs
    • If you haven't already, please remember to transition your Brocfile.js to ember-cli-build.js. more details
    • We now bundle ember.js 1.13.5 and ember-data 1.13.7 by default, but please note you can change these by updating bower.json
    • We have included support for Subresource Integrety (SRI) by default, to find out more checkout our site's SRI section
    • Please note: Testem will now error if a specified runner is missing.
    • When installing ember-cli, one can use npm install ember-cli --no-optional to skip all native dependencies.
  • Addon Developers
  • Core Contributors
    • No changes required

Community Contributions

Thank you to all who took the time to contribute!