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npm install -g ember-cli@3.1.0 -- Install new global ember-cli

Project Update

  1. rm -rf node_modules dist tmp -- Delete temporary development folders.
  2. npm install --save-dev ember-cli@3.1.0 -- Update project's package.json to use latest version.
  3. npm install -- Reinstall NPM dependencies.
  4. ember init -- This runs the new project blueprint on your projects directory. Please follow the prompts, and review all changes (tip: you can see a diff by pressing d). The most common source of upgrade pain is missing changes in this step.


The following changes are required if you are upgrading from the previous

Community Contributions

  • #7670 Support serving wasm with application/wasm @rwjblue
  • #7683 Revert "EmberApp: Remove deprecated contentFor() hooks"
  • #7691 Add support for .npmrc for blueprints @thoov
  • #7694 [BACKPORT release] Ensure config() is memoized
  • #7719 reorder ember-cli-build.js in blueprint @kellyselden
  • #7720 assert no filters matched @kellyselden
  • #7721 update eslint-plugin-node for addons
  • #7728 Passing defaultOptions to testem to prevent the cwd and config_dir set in testem.js from being ov
    erridden by ember-cli @arthirm
  • #7732 Merge pull request #7728 from arthirm/testem-bug-fix @arthirm
  • #7736 add addon-test-support/index.js to eslint glob bug mitigation @kellyselden

Thank you to all who took the time to contribute!