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@rwjblue rwjblue released this Dec 20, 2019 · 70 commits to master since this release

Blueprint Changes


  • #8963 Remove app/templates/components @chancancode
  • #8964 Add support for ember new @scope-here/name-here. @rwjblue
  • #8965 Update ember-resolver to v7.0.0. @rwjblue
  • #8971 Add an ember-try scenario for Ember "classic" (pre-octane). @rwjblue
  • #8972 Update ember-data to 3.15.0. @rwjblue
  • #8933 Remove app/resolver.js in favor of importing in app/app.js @rwjblue
  • #8945 Fix issue with addon .travis.yml configuration when using npm @kellyselden
  • #8946 Drop testing of ember-source@3.4 in the addon blueprints ember-try config @kellyselden
  • #8946 Add testing of ember-source@3.12 in the addon blueprints ember-try config @kellyselden
  • #8959 Fix issue with addon discovery when npm/yarn leave empty directories in resolvable locations @stefanpenner
  • #8961 Prepare for Octane release in 3.15 @rwjblue
    • Adds ember property to package.json to implement emberjs/rfcs#558
    • Adds @glimmer/component@1.0.0 as a development dependency for both apps and addons
    • Updates ember-try to at least 1.4.0 in order to support config/ember-try.js scenarios with ember package.json property (mentioned in emberjs/rfcs#558)
    • Enables Octane related optional features
    • Updates ember-template-lint configuration to use octane preset
    • Update to ember-source@3.15 stable
    • Updates all packages in the application blueprint to their latest version
  • #8827 Remove module-unification blueprints @dcyriller
  • #8878 Adds flag to throw an error for invalid addon locations @tmquinn
  • #8906 Enable broccoli memoization by default in Ember-CLI @SparshithNR
  • #8917 Update CI configuration for applications using npm to run a "floating dependencies" test. @kellyselden
  • #8926 Add application to invalid names @kennethlarsen

Thank you to all who took the time to contribute!

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