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App and Addon blueprints for Ember Octane
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Octane Blueprints

Build Status

App Addon

Official ember packages

# Apps
ember new my-app -b @ember/octane-app-blueprint

# Addons
ember addon my-addon -b @ember/octane-addon-blueprint


  • Glimmer Components
  • Native Decorators
  • Tracked Properties
  • ember-auto-import
  • no jquery

Glimmer Component Example

import Component from '@glimmer/component';
import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';

export default class HolaComponent extends Component {
  @tracked count = 0;

  increment() {

  decrement() {
Count: {{this.count}}
<button {{action this.increment}}>Click to increase</button>
<button {{action this.decrement}}>Click to decrease</button>


# Clone repo
git clone

# Install dependecies
cd ember-octane-blueprint/packages/\@ember/octane-app-blueprint
yarn install

cd ../octane-addon-blueprint
yarn install

# Move to the desired folder to create your octane app or addon

cd ~

# Create octane app using the local blueprint
ember new my-app -b $pathToBlueprintRepo/ember-octane-blueprint/packages/\@ember/octane-app-blueprint

# Create octane addon using the local blueprint
ember addon my-addon -b $pathToBlueprintRepo/ember-octane-blueprint/packages/\@ember/octane-addon-blueprint


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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