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Telemetry helpers runs the app, grabs basic info about all of the modules at runtime. This allows the codemod to know the names of every helper, component, route, controller, etc. in the app without guessing / relying on static analysis. They basically help you to create "runtime assisted codemods".


The goal of this project is to enable each codemod to manage its own type of data gathering and that this package provides the harness to run that custom gathering function.


Assuming you are authoring a codemod with codemod-cli, ember-codemods-telemetry-helpers allows you the freedom to assign your own "telemetry gathering" function while provide one of its own out of the box (opt-in).

#!/usr/bin/env node
'use strict';

const { gatherTelemetryForUrl } = require('ember-codemods-telemetry-helpers');
const appLocation = process.argv[2];
const args = process.argv.slice(3);

// Gather only helpers
function findHelpers(possibleEmberObject) {
  if (
    possibleEmberObject &&
    possibleEmberObject.default &&
  ) {
    return true;

(async () => {
  await gatherTelemetryForUrl(appLocation, findHelpers);

  require('codemod-cli').runTransform(__dirname, 'my-cool-transform', args, 'hbs');

All invocations of gatherTelemetryForUrl internally returns an object enumerated with properties named after all possible entries within window.require.entries. The values of each property is the value returned from within the gathering function. Usuing the example above, the output might be:

  'ember-inflector/lib/helpers/pluralize': true,
  'ember-inflector/lib/helpers/singularize': true,
  'input/helpers/app-version': true,
  'input/helpers/pluralize': true,
  'input/helpers/singularize': true,

This package provides one gathering function: analyzeEmberObject. The function does a "best effort" analysis of the app runtime, returning such things as Components, Helpers, Routes, etc. and their particular properties.

const { analyzeEmberObject } = require('ember-codemods-telemetry-helpers');

Upgrading from 0.5.0

After 0.5.0, a few breaking changes occured.

  • gatherTelemetryForUrl requires a function as it's second argument to do work. This is refer to as a "gathering function". The default analyzeEmberObject can be used here.
  • The optional puppeteerArgs have been moved to the last arg position of gatherTelemetryForUrl.


  gatherTelemetryForUrl(url, gatherFunction, puppeteerArgs);


If the gather function references functions defined outside of the the gather function body, all of those functions must be exported as well. It is strongly suggested that the gather function be self contained, and if functions must be used (code maintainability/readability), that they be defined within the function. If this is not possible, the gatherTelemetryForUrl has been enhanced to accept all functions that must go along with the gather function:

gatherTelemetryForUrl(appLocation, gatherFunction, suppportFn1, suppportFn2, ..., puppeteerArgs);



  • clone the repo
  • change into the repo directory
  • yarn

Running tests

  • yarn test

More info

See "Gathering runtime data" section of for some additonal info

This project was extracted from ember-native-class-codemod. That codemod uses puppeteer (via this lib) to visit the Ember app and gather telemetry necessary to convert to native classes.

The idea for the extraction was to put the harness in this package (extracted from the native class codemod), but have the actual "telemetry gathering" live in each individual codemod project because the things that they need are quite different for example, for implicit this codemod and angle brackets codemod all we need to know is an array of the helpers and components in the app but for native class codemod it needs much more info (names and types of methods, properties, etc on each default export)

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