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A jscodeshift based codemod to help migrating your jQuery or ember-native-dom-helpers based Ember tests to @ember/test-helpers.

Please note that this will not be able to cover all possible cases how jQuery based tests can be written. Given the dynamic nature of JavaScript and the extensive API and fluent interface of jQuery, this would be impossible. Instead this codemod focuses to cover the most common usages and do those transformations that it can safely do. So it is likely that you will have to manually migrate some usages this tool cannot cover!


WARNING: jscodeshift, and thus this codemod, edits your files in place. It does not make a copy. Make sure your code is checked into a source control repository like Git and that you have no outstanding changes to commit before running this tool.

cd my-ember-app-or-addon
npx ember-test-helpers-codemod integration tests/integration
npx ember-test-helpers-codemod acceptance tests/acceptance
npx ember-test-helpers-codemod native-dom tests


Integration tests

This addon will perform the following transformations suitable for integration tests:

Before After Transform
this.$('.foo').attr('id') find('.foo').id attr.js
this.$('.foo').attr('data-test') find('.foo').getAttribute('data-test') attr.js
this.$('.foo').click() await click('.foo') click.js
this.$('.foo').change() (and more events) await triggerEvent('.foo', 'change') trigger-shortcut.js
this.$('.foo').trigger('input') await triggerEvent('.foo', 'input') trigger.js
this.$('.foo').focus() await focus('.foo') focus.js
this.$('.foo').val() find('.foo').value get-value.js
this.$('div').hasClass('foo') find('div').classList.contains('foo') has-class.js
this.$('.foo').trigger('click') await click('.foo') key-event.js
this.$('.foo').trigger('keydown', { keyCode: 13 }) await keyEvent('.foo', 'keydown', 13) key-event.js
this.$('.foo').length findAll('.foo').length length.js
this.$('.foo').prop('tagName') find('.foo').tagName prop.js
this.$('.foo').val('foo') await fillIn('.foo', 'foo') set-value.js
this.$('.foo').val('bar').change() await fillIn('.foo', 'foo'); await blur('.foo'); set-value.js
this.$('.foo').val('bar').trigger('input') await fillIn('.foo', 'foo') set-value.js
this.$('.foo').text() find('.foo').textContent text.js
this.$('.foo').html() find('.foo').innerHTML html.js
this.$('.foo').html('foo') find('.foo').innerHTML = 'foo' html.js
this.$('.foo').each((index, elem) => {...}) findAll('.foo').forEach((elem, index) => {...}) each.js
this.$('.foo').get(3) findAll('.foo')[3] get.js

If you want to run only selected transforms on your code, you can pick just the needed transform:

jscodeshift -t path/to/ember-test-helpers-codemod/transforms/integration/transforms/click.js tests/integration

See also docs for integration transform.

Acceptance tests

These transformations are available for acceptance tests:

Before After Transform
find('.foo').attr('id') find('.foo').id attr.js
find('.foo').attr('data-test') find('.foo').getAttribute('data-test') attr.js
click('.foo') await click('.foo') click.js
fillIn('#bar', 'baz') await fillIn('#bar', 'baz') fill-in.js
triggerEvent('input', 'focus') await focus('.foo') trigger-event.js
triggerEvent('input', 'blur') await blur('.foo') trigger-event.js
triggerEvent('input', 'mouseenter') await triggerEvent('input', 'mouseenter') trigger-event.js
find('.foo').val() find('.foo').value get-value.js
find('div').hasClass('foo') find('div').classList.contains('foo') has-class.js
keyEvent('#bar', 'keypress', 13); await keyEvent('.foo', 'keydown', 13) key-event.js
find('.foo').length findAll('.foo').length length.js
find('.foo').prop('tagName') find('.foo').tagName prop.js
find('.foo').text() find('.foo').textContent text.js
find('.foo').html() find('.foo').innerHTML html.js
find('.foo').html('foo') find('.foo').innerHTML = 'foo' html.js
find('.foo').each((index, elem) => {...}) findAll('.foo').forEach((elem, index) => {...}) each.js
find('.foo').get(3) findAll('.foo')[3] get.js

If you want to run only selected transforms on your code, you can pick just the needed transform:

jscodeshift -t ../ember-test-helpers-codemod/transforms/acceptance/transforms/click.js tests/integration

See also docs for acceptance transform.

ember-native-dom-helpers tests

These transformations are available for tests based on ember-native-dom-helpers:

Before After Transform
import { click, find, findAll, fillIn, focus, blur, triggerEvent, keyEvent, waitFor, waitUntil } from 'ember-native-dom-helpers'; import { click, find, findAll, fillIn, focus, blur, triggerEvent, triggerKeyEvent, waitFor, waitUntil } from '@ember/test-helpers';
find('.foo', context) context.querySelector('.foo')
find('.foo', '.context') find('.context .foo')
findAll('.foo', context) context.querySelectorAll('.foo')
click('.foo', context) click(context.querySelector('.foo'))
click('.foo', context, { shiftKey: true }) click(context.querySelector('.foo'), { shiftKey: true })

See also docs for native-dom transform.

Replace find/findAll

By default this codemod will use the find() and findAll() helpers from @ember/test-helpers where required. If you want to use the native query functions this.element.querySelector() / this.element.querySelectorAll() instead, you can use the find.js transform after you have run the other transformations:

npx ember-test-helpers-codemod find tests
Before After Transform
find('.foo') this.element.querySelector('.foo') find.js
findAll('.foo') this.element.querySelectorAll('.foo') find.js

Note that this will require all instances of find/findAll to have the correct this context, otherwise you will run into Cannot read property 'querySelector' of undefined exceptions, as this.element will not be defined. This can happen outside of the main test function, for example inside of custom test helper functions.

See also docs for find transform.

Replace deprecated ember-test-helpers package

Replace all imports of ember-test-helpers to @ember/test-helpers.

See docs for ember-test-helper-api-migration transform.

Replace deprecated this.render() with render()

Replace all uses of this.render() with render().

See docs for this-render-migration transform.