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Awesome Ember.js Awesome


A curated list of delightful Ember.js packages and resources.

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Ember.js is a JavaScript framework that greatly reduces the time, effort and resources needed to build any web application. It is focused on making you, the developer, as productive as possible by doing all the common, repetitive, yet essential, tasks involved in most web development projects.

Ember.js also provides access to the most advanced features of JavaScript, HTML and the Browser giving you everything you need to create your next killer web app.

You might also like awesome-javascript. Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.




  • ember-ast-helpers - This library is a utility belt to make AST transforms and shield users as much as possible from the nuances of the AST, as it is still private API.
  • ember-template-recast - Non-destructive template transformer.
  • jscodeshift - A JavaScript codemod toolkit.
  • dyfactor - A platform for running codemods based on runtime information.


  • ember-accessibility - Addon to help identify accessibility violations during development.
  • e-a11y-modal - A simple modal for accessible Ember.js applications.
  • ember-a11y-landmarks - Ember.js addon to help with landmark roles for better accessibility.
  • ember-a11y - A collection of tools to build accessible Ember.js applications.
  • ember-component-focus - A mixin for adding methods to your Ember.js components that help you manage the currently focused element.
  • ember-gestures - Ember.js gestures provides an easy way to use gestures by making it simple to define and use HammerJS managers and recognizers throughout your app.
  • ember-steps - Declarative create wizards, tabbed UIs, and more.
  • ember-page-title - Page title management for Ember.js Apps.
  • ember-self-focused - Focus on route on transition.
  • ember-keyboard - An Ember.js addon for the painless support of keyboard events.
  • ember-a11y-testing - A suite of accessibility tests that can be run within the Ember.js testing framework.
  • a11y-announcer - An accessible ember route change announcer.
  • ember-a11y-refocus - Provides an unobtrusive navigation narration element for Ember applications.







  • empress-blog - Fully-functional, SEO friendly static site implementation of a blog system built on Ember.js.
  • ember-cli-blog - Tom Dale's blog example updated for the Ember CLI.
  • ember-tumblr - Ember.js Addon for integrating a Tumblr blog.



  • ember-boilerplate - The stable base upon which we build our Ember.js projects at Mirego.


Broccoli read

Build tools

  • Broccoli - Fast, reliable asset pipeline, supporting constant-time rebuilds and compact build definitions.


  • ember-charts - A charting library built with the Ember.js and d3.js frameworks.
  • ember-sparkles - Collection of composable D3 components built with ember-d3-helpers.
  • ember-highcharts - A Highcharts, HighStock and HighMaps components for ember-cli.


Code Splitting

  • ember-engines - This Ember.js addon implements the functionality described in the Ember.js Engines RFC. Engines allow multiple logical applications to be composed together into a single application from the user's perspective.
  • ember-lazy-mount - Allow {{mount}} lazy loading route-less engines.
  • ember-cli-bundle-loader - Addon to allow for multiple bundles and do lazy loading.
  • ember-cli-lazy-load - Support lazily loading your Ember.js app via splitting it up into Bundles.


Command-line apps

  • ember-cli-create - CLI wizard to create a new ember project.
  • @ember/optional-features - This addon allows you to easily enable/disable optional features in ember-source. To clarify what we mean by optional, these are features that will be opt-in/opt-out and optional for the foreseeable future, not features that will be enabled by default. It is intended for use with apps only not addons.
  • ember-cli-rename - Addon for ember-cli that provides an ember rename command.

Command-line utilities

  • ember-cli-update - Update Ember CLI Ember.js apps, addons and Glimmer.js apps.
  • ember-cli-deprecation-workflow - An addon geared towards making Ember.js upgrades easier by allowing you to work through deprecations without massive console noise.

Component addons


Content management systems

  • ember-admin - Automatically discover your models and interact with all model data in a simple CRUD interface.
  • - Go from zero to fully functioning and live MVP in 3 days.

Control flow

  • Promises
  • Observables
    • ember-rx - RxJS 6 integration for Ember.js.
  • Generators
    • ember-concurrency - Ember.js Addon that enables you to write concise, worry-free, cancelable, restartable, asynchronous tasks.
    • ember-master-tab - A library that provides a service which helps running a function on only one tab of an Ember application.

CSS & etc


  • ember-cli-webfont - Easily generate webfonts from svg files as part of your ember-cli build process.

State management

Styling kits

Data Management

Data manipulation & Computed

  • ember-awesome-macros - A collection of Ember.js computed macros.
  • ember-cpm - Computed property Macros for Ember.js.
  • ember-macaroni - Keep your app code DRY and copypasta free with computed property macaronis (macros).

Data validation


  • ember-indexeddb - Utilities & adapter to work with IndexedDB in ember & ember-data.


  • ember-moment - Template helpers and computed property macros for moment.js and Ember.js.

Debugging / Profiling


  • Macro Decorators - DRY your code by creating decorators that duplicated getter/setter's functionality


  • ember-cli-addon-docs - Easy, beautiful docs for your Ember.js addon.
  • ember-cli-jsdoc - An Ember.js CLI addon to generate HTML documentation from JSDoc comments in the source code.
  • ember-freestyle - Ember-freestyle is an Ember.js addon that allows you to quickly create a component explorer for your Ember.js app.

Ember-inspector roadmaps & overview

End-user customization


External Components Integration


  • ember-cli-crudities - Form and editable list builder that works from json config which can be either statically or dynamically loaded.
  • ember-form-for - This Ember.js addon will give you an easy way to build good forms.

Functional programming

  • Bacon.js - Functional reactive programming.
  • Folktale - Suite of libraries for generic functional programming in JavaScript that allows you to write elegant, modular applications with fewer bugs, and more reuse.
  • immutable - Immutable data collections.
  • Kefir.js - Reactive library with focus on high performance and low memory usage.
  • Lazy.js - Utility library similar to lodash/Underscore but with lazy evaluation, which can translate to superior performance in many cases.
  • lodash - Utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras. A better and faster Underscore.js.
  • mori - Library for using ClojureScript's persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript.
  • Mout - Utility library with the biggest difference between other existing solutions is that you can choose to load only the modules/functions that you need, no extra overhead.
  • Ramda - Utility library with a focus on flexible functional composition enabled by automatic currying and reversed argument order. Avoids mutating data.
  • RxJS - Functional reactive library for transforming, composing, and querying various kinds of data.
  • underscore-contrib - The brass buckles on Underscore's utility belt.


  • ember-ajax - Service for making AJAX requests in Ember.js 1.13+ applications.
  • ember-socket-guru - Addon for easy integration with Pusher.js, Action Cable, and Phoenix Channels.



  • ember-svg-jar - The best way to embed SVG images into your Ember.js application.

Include external JS code

Infinite Scroll

Internalization & Localization

  • ember-intl - Translate complex messages string. Localized formatting for date/time, number, and relative time.
  • ember-intl-analyzer - Find unused translations in your Ember.js projects.


Job queues


Mad science

  • ember-elm - Write Elm in your Ember.js app.
  • javascript-algorithms - Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.



  • ember-user-activity - Ember.js Addon for tracking user activity & idling.
  • ember-metrics - Send data to multiple analytics services without re-implementing new API.




  • corber - Tooling for cordova and crosswalk hybrid applications built with Ember.js.
  • glimmer-native - Have you ever wanted to use Ember.js/Glimmer.js to create a native mobile app? Well now you can!
  • ember-mobile-bar - Managed fixed (tool)bars with mobile app-like behaviour.
  • ember-mobile-core - Provides a pan recognizer and some utils for the ember-mobile-* addons.
  • ember-mobile-menu - Draggable sidebar specifically tailored to mobile devices.
  • ember-mobile-pane - Mobile layout ember-mobile-pane.
  • ember-responsive - Easy responsive layouts with Ember.js.






Query Params


  • ember-cli-flash - Simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli.

Routing addons

  • ember-component-routes - Render components directly from routes in Ember.js.
  • ember-redirect - This addon aims to be a simple and easy way to preform route based redirects with minimal effort.
  • ember-router-scroll - Scroll to top with preserved browser history scroll position.

Resolver customization


Service Workers

SSR / Server Side Rendering

Static site generators & SEO

  • ember-meta - Setup meta for your Prember/Ember.js blog to support opengraph, microdata, Facebook, Twitter, Slack etc.
  • prember-rss-feed - Ship RSS feeds for your Prember site.
  • prember - Prerender Ember.js apps with Fastboot at build time.


  • ember-cli-sass - Use node-sass to preprocess your ember-cli app's files, with support for sourceMaps and include paths.




  • ember-text-measurer - Simple Ember.js Service to measure the width of a string in a performant way.

Tree Shaking

  • ember-cli-tree-shaker - This is a testbed for the new tree-shaking and code splitting work from Kelly Selden and Alex Navasardyan.


UI libs

UI components



VS Code addons

Atom addons


Web Components

  • ember-cli-web-components - Use your Ember.js components in other framework as Web Components!
  • shadow-dom - Write templates for your components inside of a Shadow DOM root.





Ember-Cli Articles

Why Articles

Jump-Start Articles

Articles Glimmer

Articles Engines

Articles Ember-Concurrency

Articles ES6

Articles TypeScript

Articles Modern Testing

Articles FastBoot

Articles about Data

Articles about Routing

Yarn in Ember Articles


Nice to know






Contribution Guides



Ember Releases


Examples Glimmer


Gists Ember Data



  • Ember Weekly - The latest Ember.js news, tips, and code delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Official Ember Blog - Big announcements like new Ember.js version release notes or State of the Union information.
  • statusboard - STATUS BOARD.
  • The Ember Times - Updates from the Ember.js Learning Team.







  • Ember Data Sails Adapter - An Ember Data adaptor for the Sails.js sockets.
  • Ember Data WordPress Adapter - An Ember Data adapter for the WordPress JSON API.
  • Ember Gist - Demo Ember CLI'eque apps using GitHub Gist.
  • Ember Inspector - Adds an Ember.js tab to Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools that allows you to inspect Ember.js objects in your application. - Officially maintained.
  • Ember Perf - Measure user-percieved performance data in your ember.js app.
  • ember-cli-diff - A simple tool to see differences between new ember apps.
  • ember-cli - The command line interface for ambitious web applications.
  • ember-data-model-maker - UI to make ember-data models & payload examples.
  • Glimmer Playground - An Glimmer.js playground.
  • mber - Ember CLI replacement. Currently alpha.
  • remote-inspector - Lets you inspect apps running on different devices/browsers over the network using websockets.
  • Ember Unused Components - This script searches for unused components in your Ember project




YouTube channels

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