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Myth: Ember is too large!

Fact: Ember 3.x without ember-data and jQuery is only - 121kb gzipped.

Myth: Ember is a Full-Stack framework.

Fact: Nope, Ember is a front-end framework.

Myth: In Ember you can't just install and import from npm

Fact: You can, simply install ember-auto-import addon.

Myth: Ember doesn't have SSR (Server Side Rendering).

Fact: Ember has it - Ember-fastboot.

Myth: Ember requires a totally compliant JSON-API backend api

Fact: Ember Data can be customized to work with any backend api, or you can just use fetch or ajax.

Myth: Ember is a very strict MVC paradigm

Fact: You can use Ember in functional way, using ember-redux

Myth: You can't use TypeScript in Ember

Fact: All you need to start using TypeScript in Ember - ember-cli-typescript

Myth: If you need component-only approach, or just web-components you can't use Ember

Fact: If you need light application/web-component take a look at Glimmer Ember's rendering engine.

Myth: Ember is ancient and has only a few releases

Fact: Yes, Ember is ancient, but, it is always up-to-date and has new stable release each six weeks

Myth: A lot of ember addons are ports of existing jQuery libraries and only a few written from scratch.

Fact: In you can find tons native ember addons.

Myth: Ember has jQuery dependency.

Fact: By default Ember shipped with jQuery, if you don't need it - remove using @ember/optional-features