Useful decorators for Ember applications.
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Ember Decorators

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Ember Decorators is a project dedicated to exploring and unlocking the future of native classes in Ember.js. Its goal is to provide a set of decorators which can be used to write native classes with every standard feature that is available in Ember, along with the transforms and build system required to polyfill and ship them in your app today!

The documentation website for Ember Decorators contains a detailed guide on using native classes with Ember today, along with detailed API documentation for all the decorators included in this library.


First install the main ember-decorators addon.

ember install ember-decorators

This addon doesn't contain any decorators itself, but includes the core set of subaddons that are necessary to begin writing Ember using native classes:

  • @ember-decorators/component
  • @ember-decorators/controller
  • @ember-decorators/data
  • @ember-decorators/object
  • @ember-decorators/service

Usage in Applications

In your application where you would normally have:

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Component.extend({
  foo: Ember.inject.service(),

  bar: Ember.computed('someKey', 'otherKey', function() {
    var someKey = this.get('someKey');
    var otherKey = this.get('otherKey');

    return `${someKey} - ${otherKey}`;

  actions: {
    handleClick() {
      // do stuff

You replace it with this:

import Component from '@ember/component';
import { action, computed } from '@ember-decorators/object';
import { service } from '@ember-decorators/service';

export default class ExampleComponent extends Component {
  @service foo

  @computed('someKey', 'otherKey')
  get bar() {
    const someKey = this.get('someKey');
    const otherKey = this.get('otherKey');
    return `${someKey} - ${otherKey}`;

  handleClick() {
    // do stuff

See the API Documentation for detailed examples and documentation of the individual decorators.



This repository consists of multiple packages managed with lerna.js. The decorators all reside in their own individual packages under /packages, along with the main ember-decorators package.

The main package serves three purposes:

  1. A quick way to install all of the subpackages and get new projects up and running. Installing the main package also adds any necessary babel transforms, and sets up ESLint properly.
  2. A place for common functionality, such as the native class blueprints that overwrite the default Ember blueprints.
  3. A place for the documentation site and tests for all of the other addons. Tests were consolidated from the other addons in order to speed up the testing and development process.

Setting up

  • Fork the repository
  • git clone <your-fork-url>
  • cd ember-decorators
  • npm install


  • npm run lint:js
  • npm run lint:js -- --fix

Running tests

  • npm test – Runs the test suite on the current Ember version

Running the dummy application


This project is licensed under the MIT License.