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Ember Elements is a UI toolkit built with Typescript and made available as an Ember addon. It is based on the awesome Blueprint design system.

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The Whys

Why Ember?

We chose EmberJS framework for the productivity and stability it brings to our projects. With this project, we strive to further reduce the time, effort and resources needed to build a web application.

Why Blueprint?

  1. We just loved the design 😍. Moreover, it has been designed with accessibility in mind.
  2. The project is mature and had been in production use for quite some time.
  3. It is optimized for building complex, data-dense web interfaces for desktop applications. This means, it is not a mobile-first UI toolkit. It reinforces our belief that design system should be contextual.
  4. Known for its quality in the React ecosystem.
  5. Lacked an Ember equivalent.

We strive to attain parity with BlueprintJS in terms of components and quality. We also strive to ensure that there is minimal effort in switching between react and ember elements.

PS: Still confused about the need? Watch Frédéric Soumaré talk @ EmberConf, 2019

Why Typescript?

  1. Well who doesnt love it.
  2. Increased adoption in Ember ecosystem.
  3. Moreover, BlueprintJS(React) is also written in Typescript.


To request a new component, raise a request

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To file a bug, report it here

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