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@github-actions github-actions released this Dec 11, 2019

After a long cycle of beta releases and a lot of changes, this is the first release out of beta of ember-apollo-client v2.0.0. We believe the majority of people using this addon have been using the beta version in production apps for quite a long time; this release makes it official and recommended to use the latest version. New apps should use this version and avoid using deprecated features. For apps using v1.x, please take a look at all the breaking changes. Note that we have changed the minimum required Ember version.

Here are all the changes since the last v1 release.

πŸ’₯ Breaking Change

  • Don't create EmberObject for returned data (#310) @josemarluedke
    Before this change, ember-apollo-client would always wrap the returned data from the GraphQL (when not an array) with EmberObject. In this PR we removed that and instead we return plain objects.

  • Remove usage of Evented mixin (#313) @josemarluedke
    subscribe no longer returns an Ember Object and does not apply the Evented Ember mixin. Instead, it just returns a native class and it triggers an event when new data comes in. You can use this event to add a listener like so:

    //import { addListener, removeListener } from '@ember/object/events';
    const result = await this.apollo.subscribe(
        subscription: mySubscription,
    const handleEvent = event => {
      console.log('event received', event)
    // Add listener to new data
    addListener(result, 'event', handleEvent);
    // Remove the listener from new data
    removeListener(result, 'event', handleEvent);

    The lastEvent property should be accessed directly or use get from Ember

    // or
    // import { get } from '@ember/object';
    console.log(get(result, 'lastEvent'));
  • Remove unused prod dependencies (#306) @josemarluedke
    It's not recommended to import dependencies of other dependencies in your application. Therefore, if you depend on any apollo package that this addon depends on, you should add to your package.json. You should also add ember-auto-import to make sure you are able to import them.

  • Mixins are deprecated in favor of queryManager computed macro. (#262) @josemarluedke

  • Return the actual returned data, not a copy (#312) @josemarluedke

  • graphql has been added as a peer dependency and removed from the addon's direct dependency. Please run ember install ember-apollo-client to add the default dependencies to your project or run yarn add -D graphql.

  • If you are using Ember versions 3.4 or 3.5 you must add ember-native-class-polyfill to your application. Please run ember install ember-native-class-polyfill. Later Ember versions are not required to have this polyfill. (#261) @josemarluedke

  • Dropped support for Ember LTS 2.18. We now only support the last LTS version (3.4) and above. (#261) @josemarluedke

  • The way to overwrite clientOptions, link and chache has been changed from computed properties to functions. Previous behavior will be removed in the next major version. (#261) @josemarluedke
    Please refer to readme for examples.

  • Drop support for node.js v6 (#295) @josemarluedke

  • Switch from custom webpack build setup to ember-auto-import. (#159) @jasonmit

  • The old build configs (include, exclude) have been removed. Additional dependencies can be used via ember-auto-import and a regular npm install. (#171) @bgentry

  • The old, deprecated mixin import paths have been removed. (#171) @bgentry

  • The deprecated middlewares option has been removed from the apollo service. Users should switch to override link instead. (#171) @bgentry

πŸ› Bug Fix

πŸš€ Enhancement

  • Add deprecation for for default value of keepGraphqlFileExtension (#318) @josemarluedke
  • Add public alternative to unsubscribe from watchQuery (#310) @josemarluedke
  • Upgrade broccoli-graphql-filter to v0.4 to allow new import syntax (#300) @josemarluedke
    Before the recommended way was to access a property _apolloUnsubscribe from the result query.
  • Add queryManager computed macro with support for classic Ember Object and ES6 classes through decorators (decorator syntax requires Ember v3.10.0).
  • Add built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions. (#173) @coladarci
  • Add configuration options to keep graphql file extension. (#230) @josemarluedke

πŸ“ Documentation

🏠 Internal

πŸ”§ Tooling

πŸ“¦ Dependencies


@FabHof, @brunoocasali, @buschtoens, @dmzza, @vsergiu93, @lstrzebinczyk, @jasonmit, @coladarci, @brunoocasali, @jgwhite, @christophermlne, @bgentry and @josemarluedke

For full changes, see the comparison between v1.1.0 and v2.0.0

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