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This project uses GitHub Actions for continuous integration. This project uses for visual regression testing.

Ember Octane vs Classic Cheat Sheet

Check out the deployed app. Yep, it uses Ember Octane!

You can see side-by-side examples of Ember Octane and Ember Classic.

How to Contribute

Contributions are welcome! Please read for more information.

Continuous integration

We use GitHub Actions to lint and test the app when a PR (pull request) is created and merged.

Run the following commands to lint and test from local machine:

yarn lint
yarn test

To fix linting errors, try the following command:

yarn lint:fix

Continuous deployment

We use GitHub Actions to deploy the app to gh-pages branch when a PR is merged.

If you are a repo maintainer, you can run the following command to deploy from local machine:

yarn deploy


This app was inspired by You might not need jQuery.