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Goodbits Templating Bot

Helps you to get the Goodbits newsletter for The Ember Times 🐹 ready on a Friday afternoon 🌇 or night 🌙


  • Clone this repo
git clone
  • cd ember-times-tools
  • nvm use if you want to use the LTS version of Node, that we have tested
  • npm install
  • set the GOODBITS_USER_EMAIL and GOODBITS_USER_PASSWORD env variables in e.g. your ~/.bashrc (ping @jessica on the Ember Community Discord for the credentials):
// .bashrc
export GOODBITS_USER_EMAIL="goodbits-bot-email-address"
export GOODBITS_USER_PASSWORD="goodbits-bot-password"
  • reload the settings in your current terminal tab
source ~/.bashrc

How to Use

  • get a hold of the latest blog post url, e.g.
  • finally run the script and pass in the url pointing to the latest blog post:
node create-goodbits-template.js --botemail="$GOODBITS_USER_EMAIL" --botpassword="$GOODBITS_USER_PASSWORD" --botblogurl=""
  • use the --debug=true for development and debugging 💛
  • review 👀 and feel free to improve the template at Goodbits - this tool isn't perfect (see Troubleshooting Goodbits below!), but tries its best to help with the mundane copy-pasta work ✍️
  • Goodbits creates "phantom" issues, so verify that the email subject matches the # of the issue we are sending.
  • Send a test email to yourself, and verify that emojis display correctly (there is a difference in and your email, e.g. Gmail).
  • schedule the newsletter for 2pm PST (,600,b8jj) and celebrate your support for The Ember Times this week. Thank you! ❤️

Troubleshooting Goodbits

  • If there are bullets, remove any blank line between regular non-bulleted text & first line of bulleted text
  • If there is code block text (three backticks), consider manually deleting the copied over code block in the Goodbits editor. Instead, you can try simply copying and pasting the code block from the blog URL.
  • Should be covered by ember-times-tools bot, but if not do double curlies manually: {{ must be written as {{ opening_double_curly() }}, and }} as {{ closing_double_curly() }}.
  • No double curlies in Titles. Causes the word within double curlies to not appear at all.
  • If there are buttons, add manually. Delete the button in text and change to Content > Button in Goodbits.
  • If there are images, e.g. contributor interview images, change "Display as" dropdown to "Article" in Goodbits and manually upload the image
  • Getting a 500 on It may be because of a rogue double curly {{ or }}, which must be written as {{ opening_double_curly() }} or {{ closing_double_curly() }}.
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