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Mentorship Workshop

Do you want to run a mentoring event at your Meetup, conference, or workplace? You can freely use these resources to get started!

This repository is a work-in-progress. Materials will include things like:

  • A speed mentoring guide
  • An app to kickstart mentor/mentee conversations
  • Participant application forms
  • Pre-event emails
  • Weekly newsletter emails
  • Online events template/ideas
  • Icebreakers
  • A workshop guide for a 60 min session: What makes a good mentor?

Speed Mentoring App

Need some help kicking off a conversation? Click the buttons to generate new questions to ask your mentor or mentee!

Speed Mentoring App

Questions inspired by 23 Extraordinary questions to ask your mentor


Contributions are welcome! As much as possible, try to keep them generic to the location and type of event.

Cite your sources if you use or reference external sources.