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Embercast: Client-side Authentication, Part 1

This two-part series on client-side authentication focuses on how you can configure your single-page Ember app to query data from the server using token-based authentication. This first part focuses on basic app setup/organization, and how to build a username / password form to retrieve the token from the server.

Part 2 will demonstrate how to use this token to perform queries in conjunction with Ember Model, as well as how to hack into the Ember Router to make it possible to recall and retry previously attempted transitions.


Clone this repository, and in the new directory, run:

npm install
node server.js

This will run a Node server on localhost:3000 that you can visit in your browser.


server.js in the root directory is the Node server that features very simple token-based authentication.

public/js/app.js is where all Ember code for this Embercast resides.