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Ember CSI -

Multi-vendor CSI plugin driver supporting over 80 storage drivers in a single plugin to provide block and mount storage to Container Orchestration systems such as Kubernetes and OpenShift.

This CSI driver is up to date with CSI v1.1 specs, supporting the following features:

  • Create block volume
  • Creating snapshots
  • Creating a block volume from a snapshot
  • Delete block volume
  • Deleting snapshots
  • Listing volumes with pagination
  • Listing snapshots with pagination
  • Attaching volumes
  • Detaching volumes
  • Reporting storage capacity
  • Probing the node
  • Retrieving the plugin info


The easiest way to see Ember-CSI in action is probably using the testing script, which deploys a single node OpenShift cluster inside a VM (using CRC) and then uses the Ember-CSI operator to deploy and LVM driver.

The testing script can accommodate other storage backends as well as compile and deploy the operator and storage plugin from source.

Attention: The testing script will install necessary packages such as KVM, libvirt, tinyproxy...

    $ git clone
    $ cd crc-tests
    $ ./ driver

After some time the deployment will be completed and a message indicating steps to access the cluster from the command line and web console will be displayed:

    If you are running this on a different host/VM, you can access the web console by:
      - Setting your browser's proxy to this host's IP and port 8888
      - Going to https://console-openshift-console.apps-crc.testing
      - Using below credentials (kubeadmin should be entered as kube:admin)
    To login as a regular user, run 'oc login -u developer -p developer https://api.crc.testing:6443'.
    To login as an admin, run 'oc login -u kubeadmin -p dpDFV-xamBW-kKAk3-Fi6Lg https://api.crc.testing:6443'

    To access the cluster from the command line you can run:
      $ eval `/home/vagrant/crc-linux/crc oc-env`
      $ ./ login

If we want to SSH into VM running the OpenShift cluster we can use:

    $ ./ ssh


Ember-CSI can be installed using the Ember-CSI operator, using YAML manifests, or via Helm charts.

The recommended mechanism is using the operator, but we also provide example manifests for Kubernetes under examples/k8s_v1.20-CSI_v1.1/kubeyml/lvm examples/k8s_v1.20-CSI_v1.1/kubeyml/rbd.

Please refer to the installation documentation for details on how to install Ember-CSI with the operator.


Depending on the configured backend Ember-CSI may require some services to be running on the host.

For iSCSI backends it requires that all the hosts in our deployment are running iscsid on the host itself, since Ember-CSI will be using it to do the connections.

If we want to use multipathing for iSCSI or FC connections we'll need the multipathd service configured and running on the host as well.


Some storage backends have additional requirements such as libraries and tools, in most cases these are Python dependencies required on the Controller side.

Some of these Python dependencies are:

  • DRBD: dbus and drbdmanage
  • HPE 3PAR: python-3parclient
  • Kaminario: krest
  • Pure: purestorage
  • Dell EMC VMAX, IBM DS8K: pyOpenSSL
  • HPE Lefthad: python-lefthandclient
  • Fujitsu Eternus DX: pywbem
  • IBM XIV: pyxcli
  • RBD: rados and rbd
  • Dell EMC VNX: storops
  • Violin: vmemclient
  • INFINIDAT: infinisdk, capacity, infy.dtypes.wwn, infi.dtypes.iqn

Most of these dependencies are included in the Ember-CSI image, but if you try to use a driver that is missing some dependencies, please let us know.


For any questions or concerns please file an issue with the ember-csi project or ping me on IRC (my handle is geguileo and I hang on the #openstack-cinder channel in Freenode).


Multi-vendor CSI plugin supporting over 80 storage drivers







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