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Examples to deploy and use Ember CSI along with Kubevirt on Kubernetes/OpenShift
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Ember-CSI-Kubevirt enables users to quickly fire up Ember-CSI on Kubernetes 1.11+ or OpenShift 3.11+.

Note: This repo is still work in progress.


All-in-one Demo Deployment

This deployment deploys an ephemeral Ceph container alongside Ember CSI and its sidecar containers.

$ git clone
$ cd ember-csi-kubevirt/
$ make all

At this point we have fully working cluster with KubeVirt and Ember-CSI deployed. We can now deploy VMs.

# Source the environment and create a PVC
$ source tools/
$ k create -f examples/cirros-pvc.yml
$ k get pvc

# Wait for the CDI Importer pod to finish importing.
# Once done, the pod (job) vanishes at which point,
# we may proceed to create the VM.
$ k logs importer-cirros-pvc-v7fcs

# Create the VM
$ k create -f examples/cirros-vm.yml

# To inspect the VM use the alias to virtctl command.
$ v console cirros-vm

# To shut it down again
$ v stop cirros-vm

# To delete
$ k delete vms cirros-vm

Tear down the whole all-in-one deployment using:

$ make cluster-down

Deployment on an existing OCP or k8s cluster

The templates in the src directory can be applied directly on an existing K8s or OCP cluster.

kubectl create namespace ember-csi
kubectl -n ember-csi create -f src/install-operator.yml

On an OpenShift cluster you'll also need:

kubectl -n ember-csi create -f src/install-operator-scc.yml
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