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Updating the readme with information about the nested element ignores.

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@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ Constructor for creating an instance of the xml parser
Triggers the xml file to start streaming to the parser. Call this method after you have bound to the events.
+ // Start parsing the XML
+ parser.start();
### Event: 'object'
function(name, obj) { ... }
@@ -55,3 +58,7 @@ Triggered when an object has been parsed from the XML file with the name of the
function() { ... }
Marks the end of the input file when it has been completely streamed through the parser.
+## Other Notes
+Elements being parsed cannot currently be nested. For example. if you have `root > bikes > bike > wheel` as a heirarchy and have done a `xml2object('transportation.xml', [ 'bike', 'wheel' ])` the bike objects will be returned, but the wheel elements inside the bike element will not be parsed separately.
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