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Simple SAX-based xml to JS object parser
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Node.js xml2object

Simple wrapper on the SAX.js parser to parse xml into javascript objects.

Converts a streaming xml file into JavaScript objects.


npm install xml2object


var xml2object = require('xml2object');

// Create a new xml parser with an array of xml elements to look for
var parser = new xml2object('myAnimals.xml', [ 'animal' ]);

// Bind to the object event to work with the objects found in the XML file
parser.on('object', function(name, obj) {
    console.log('Found an object: %s', name);

// Bind to the file end event to tell when the file is done being streamed
parser.on('end', function(name, obj) {
    console.log('Finished parsing xml!');

// Start parsing the XML


xml2object(xmlFile, elements)

Constructor for creating an instance of the xml parser

var xml2object = require('xml2object');

// Parse the myAnimals.xml file looking for <animal> elements
var parser = new xml2object('myAnimals.xml', [ 'animal' ]);


Triggers the xml file to start streaming to the parser. Call this method after you have bound to the events.

Event: 'object'

function(name, obj) { ... }

Triggered when an object has been parsed from the XML file with the name of the element found and the actual object.

Event: 'end'

function() { ... }

Marks the end of the input file when it has been completely streamed through the parser.

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