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This Week in Rust

Content for Made available under CC-BY-SA.

All code Copyright 2014 Ember Arlynx, made available under the MIT license.

PRs for next issue are now being accepted

Check the drafts directory for more details.

How I get PR lists:

git log --author=bors --since='MM/DD/YYYY 12:00PM' --until='MM/DD/YYYY 12:00PM' --pretty=oneline > ~/entropy/twir.txt
# edit in vim to get rid of everything but PR number, copy into clipboard
for pr in $(xsel -ob); do firefox$pr; sleep 0.07; done
# wait a long time...
# write TWIR

Alternately use GitHub search:

How I get new contributors:

Use the included script: 6/21/2014


Ensure you have SASS installed. The easiest way to get it is via gem, the Ruby package manager.

env SASS_BIN=$HOME/.gem/ruby/*/bin/sass pelican content -s

To build the newsletter

  • Generate the HTML
    TWIR_NEWSLETTER_THEME=1 pelican --delete-output-directory content
  • Copy the HTML and inline CSS at - (MailChimp's inliner doesn't remove the CSS from <head>).
  • Send the newsletter (we currently use MailChimp).
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