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A class representation of a date and time. It's basically a wrapper around the Date javascript object, KVO-friendly and with common date/time manipulation methods.

This object differs from the standard JS Date object, however, in that it supports time zones other than UTC and that local to the machine on which it is running. Any time zone can be specified when creating an Ember.DateTime object, e.g.

    // Creates a DateTime representing 5am in Washington, DC and 10am in
    // London
    var d = Ember.DateTime.create({ hour: 5, timezone: 300 }); // -5 hours from UTC
    var e = Ember.DateTime.create({ hour: 10, timezone: 0 }); // same time, specified in UTC

and it is true that d.isEqual(e).

The time zone specified upon creation is permanent, and any calls to get() on that instance will return values expressed in that time zone. So,

d.hour returns 5.
e.hour returns 10.


d.milliseconds === e.milliseconds

is true, since they are technically the same position in time.