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Meeting: Ember Core Team - Sep 6, 2019


  • (2 min) Determine note taker
  • (2 min) Determine person to upload notes
  • (5 min) Volunteering myself to "chair" the F2F meeting — meaning I focus 100% on keeping the meeting productive and don't try to simultaneously participate in topic discussion. (EF)
  • EMBER_VERSION=octane ? octanify? (GC?)
  • RFCs
  • ember-cli colocation update (RJ)
  • markdown tutorial tool update (GC)


  • Yehuda Katz

  • Tom Dale

  • Kris Selden

  • Leah Silber

  • Robert Jackson

  • Igor Terzic

  • Matthew Beale

  • Edward Faulkner

  • Dan Gebhardt

  • Godfrey Chan

  • Ricardo Mendes

  • Chad Hietala

  • Katie Gengler

  • Melanie Sumner

  • Jen Weber

  • Chris Garrett

Action Items

  • @Robert Jackson Add ember-try configuration for "octane" (enabling the flags, etc)
  • Polyfill for async observers
  • Codemod for async observers
  • Enable @model feature flag


Note taker: DG

F2F Meeting Suggestion

EF: After talking with a bunch of folks, I'd like to suggest that the F2F meetings have a "chair" to keep things moving along smoothly.

IT: I have concerns about leaving room for you to participate.

EF: I'll be taking suggestions this week with ideas about how this can be managed.

General agreement that a chair would be a good idea.


RJ: We need to:

  • remove the octane environment variable (process.env.EMBER_VERSION = "OCTANE") that is used to identify octane
  • provide a command to fully convert an app to octane

RJ: I will write up something about these changes and we can discuss

YK: This matters a lot for generators, but almost nothing else should care

RJ: My vague proposal is that this will be fairly intimate. I should make an actual proposal in writing.

Side conversation between RJ and YK about async observers and how they relate to addons_

RJ: We should make a default test for addons.

YK: I'm predicting that there will be a few old addons that aren't truly octane ready.

YK: We're basically only concerned with observers that rely on sync behavior.

RJ: I'll see if I can get this test into a 3.13 blueprint.

RJ: I added some action items to take care of these things.

RFC to close: Deprecate hash helper

RJ: I know this was done as a suggestion from some of us.

GC: I still think this is a good direction.

RJ: It seems that the hard part here is choosing the alternative name.

RJ: I'm not sure that obj is clearly better than hash

YK: The hash name seems overly complicated. I think obj is better, but not vastly better.

RM: I helped work on this RFC. People seem more positive about the literal object approach. I want to close this to avoid a bunch of zombie RFCs.

YK: If you are not a Ruby programmer, "hash" has no real meaning.

CG: My personal feeling is that an object literal approach is better. It would be great to jump straight from hash to { }. Plan B would be obj.

JW: We want to not bombard our users with a bunch of changes at once. It seems like a bad time to make a change like obj that would be temporary.

RJ: What is the scale of the change to allow the object literal?

YK: You could just make this work easily. There's already an internal hash keyword (ironically) used to signify objects.

Enable @model

No objections

Quick update

RJ: I've been working to finalize the work to enable co-location. I would like to confirm with GC the test cases that need to be added.

RJ: The TL;DR is that I'm trying to get this done today or tomorrow so that we can get out a new major version (4.0) of ember-cli-htmlbars. The reason this is a major version bump is to drop Node 6 so I can (selfishly) use async/await in tests.

Markdown tutorial tool update

GC: You can now run an ember server at the beginning of the markdown. There were some bugs with the URL formatting, but I'm fixing them right now.

RJ: What is the very high level TL;DR ? The tutorial content is generated from the tutorial itself?

YK: This is very ember-agnostic.

GC: It is currently auto-deployed to the octane branch of the guides. So far the scope of the work is just an octane tutorial.

JW: In terms of timelines, I think this will be ready for the 3.14 launch.

GC: I'm still somewhat optimistic that we can get the first part up by 3.13.

JW + GC to coordinate

YK: One thing to note is that this does not (yet) work on Windows. GC and I had a conversation about all the things needed to do to make this work.

YK: It comes down to a case-by-case analysis about cross-platform compatibility of each command.

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