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Action Items

  • Follow up with Mel about the yearly split on Airtable @Chris M
  • Take a look at the documentation for deployment in the handbook and make sure it’s up to date @Chris M
  • Put together a plan for video content production. CM has started talking to people like Gavin for help in the future. He has done a lot of great videos and is very motivated to help. - @Melanie S will take this to the marketing team
  • CM JJ: Chat about “submit your own whitepaper” style of project showcase data - Question based.
  • Core team members - sign up for “Product Champions” in Airtable. Goal of 2 people per project. Where we don’t have that, we discuss how to change it


Attendees (Initials: Name @Discord)

  • DB: David Baker (acorncom)
  • AL: Amy Lam (amyrlam)
  • CM: Chris Manson (Chris Manson)
  • RM: Ricardo Mendes (locks)
  • JG: Jared Galanis
  • JW: Jen Weber (jenweber)
  • KL: Kenneth Larsen (kennethlarsen)


  • next facilitator is probably mel (@Chris M to confirm)
  • Tracking RFC backlog
    • last week we did a few tracking issues
    • 10 issues still need a review (all different sizes)
    • CM - what is considered “done”
      • do a best effort to represent the work that needs to be done and then you can mark it as 👍 done
      • ask yourself:
        • should this change the guides
        • should this change the api docs
        • does this change any mental models
      • create an issue and link it in the tracking issue
      • done is being tracked in the airtable - Learning Team Airtable - tab at the end
    • doing well overall - working down the backlog
    • there can be some improvements to the RFC tracking overall (e.g. deprecations workflow)
    • Question: should we add issues or add a checkbox on tracking issues to delete deprecated code’s documentation?
      • CM: if we don’t close a tracking issue until documentation is deleted (major release) then too many RFCs will be in progress
      • RM: maybe we create an issue per version to remove code and documentation (based off the until: flag)
  • Octane Navbar Menu?
    • JW: link to editions instead of just Octane?
    • CM: seems good 😂
  • “Docs team” to “Learning Team” folder for core notes
    • general discussion
    • merging amy’s PR 🎉 consensus
  • Airtable cleanup workshop 🛠️
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