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May 2, 2019 - Ember Learning Core Team Meeting


Attendees (Initials: Name @Discord)

  • TJ: Todd Jordan (todd.jordan)
  • JJ: Jessica Jordan (jessica)
  • CM: Chris Manson (Chris Manson)
  • MS: Melanie Sumner (melsumner)
  • JW: Jen Weber (jenweber)
  • KL: Kenneth Larsen (kennethlarsen)


  • Review last week’s action items for accountability purposes
  • Review PR queue - How many issues are older than a week? Tracking sheet
  • Review new RFCs/RFC Tracking
  • (JW) changes to GitHub PR management process (skipped last week)
  • (JW) Octane Guides: how do we mitigate not having a pre-Octane tutorial readily available? It will still be in older Guides versions I guess, but that won’t help us when there’s the next edition. (skipped last week)
  • (MS) Proposal: “why Ember” in the same style as as a first step (since we still haven’t shipped the larger initiative for the same thing)

Resulting Action Items

  • Determine history of ember-cli-addon-docs (how did it come to join ember-learn?) @Todd J
  • A11y updates PR to tutorial - @Todd J (or write issue to allow folks to help)
  • Update branch and merge guides-source PR 455 @Melanie S
  • Update RFC tracking to match Airtable & add item to next week’s agenda @Melanie S
  • Write documentation for handbook regarding GitHub PR management process so team can review @Jennifer W
  • Ask: please schedule time to help with @Melanie S @Chris M @Jennifer W @Todd J @Ricardo M @Sivakumar K @Amy L @Kenneth L @Jessica J
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