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11th of July 2019 - Ember Learning Core Team Meeting


Attendees (Initials: Name @Discord)

  • AM: Amy Lam @amyrlam
  • CM: Chris Manson @real_ate
  • FS: Fréderic Soumaré @hakilebara
  • JW: Jen Weber @jenweber
  • KL: Kenneth Larsen @kennethlarsen
  • RM: Ricard Mendes @locks
  • RW: Robert Wagner @rwwagner90


  • CM Netlify Analytics
  • deprecation-app (RM)
  • AL - stale bot discussion
  • FS - meeting openness

Resulting Action Items

  • JW - mark guides-source WIP PRs
  • CM - mark all other WIP PRs
  • JW & RW: add PR panda to the guides 😱
  • CM JW - pair on deprecation strangeness
  • CM - Add notes to public github
  • Update bluejeans link on template; Update action item for Meeting notes for facilitator
  • Share email from Netlify about 500 errors - put in notion but only for learning team people (private)
  • JW - add my projects to the project board
  • JW - boilerplate in RFC tracking
  • JW - have Ed look at the treeForAddon in the Guides to see if it's a good candidate for embroider
  • AL will evaluate stalebot and show how it works
  • CM and MS will meet to hand over Mel’s champion items
  • CM will research using Azure and will make a plan for what to do if he doesn’t get to it

## Minutes

  • Next facilitator JW
  • PR Panda
    • it works but we need to assign a group to a PR for it to work
    • RW: fine to expand onto one or two more repos
    • Question: how does this work if someone doesn't get around to it after quite a while? Is it ok to "take over a PR"
      • Potentially think about this in a different way: more of a way to poke us as a reminder
      • could cause issues when someone is in the middle of a review and someone jumps in (duplicate work)
  • RFC Tracking - post looking for help in the public channel
  • CM - Netlify might add analytics to our account next week.
  • Deprecation app
    • broken dependabot PRs - segfaults
    • JW: webpack configuration possibly?
  • Stalebot
    • JW: get a message that will be common for all the repos
    • AL: 2 months for PRs 4 months for Issues
    • FS: Should we be automatically closing PRs?
      • comments will always keep a PR open
    • Remember that if you find something that you think should be merged you can share it in #dev-ember-learning 🎉
  • Meeting openness
    • Notion document is not open to everyone
      • Used to be able to look at them on dropbox
    • Meeting link and time is not in discord
      • Now fixed 🎉
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