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+# Questions
+This is the issue tracker for Ember Data. The Ember.js community uses this site
+to collect and track bugs and discussions of new features. If you are having
+difficulties using Ember Data or have a question about usage please ask a
+question on StackOverflow: and tag
+your question with `ember.js` and `ember-data`.
+The Ember.js community is very active on StackOverflow and most questions
+receive attention the same day they're posted:
+# Issues
+Think you've found a bug or have a new feature to suggest? Let us know!
+## Reporting a Bug
+1. Update to the most recent master release if possible. We may have already
+fixed your bug.
+2. Search for similar issues. It's possible somebody has encountered
+this bug already.
+3. Provide JSFiddle or JSBin demo that specifically shows the problem. This
+demo should be fully operational with the exception of the bug you want to
+demonstrate. The more pared down, the better.
+4. If possible, submit a Pull Request with a failing test. Better yet, take
+a stab at fixing the bug yourself if you can!
+The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to validate that
+there is a bug and the faster we'll be able to take action.
+## Requesting a Feature
+1. Search Issues for similar feature requests. It's possible somebody has
+already asked for this feature or provided a pull request that we're still
+2. Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the feature you want and why
+it's important to add. Keep in mind that we want features that will be useful
+to the majority of our users and not just a small subset. If you're just
+targeting a minority of users, consider writing an add-on library for Ember.
+3. If the feature is complex, consider writing some initial documentation for
+it. If we do end up accepting the feature it will need to be documented and
+this will also help us to understand it better ourselves.
+4. Attempt a Pull Request. If you're at all able, start writing some code. We
+always have more work to do than time to do it. If you can write some code
+then that will speed the process along.
+# Pull Requests
+We love pull requests. Here's a quick guide:
+1. Fork the repo.
+2. Run the tests. We only take pull requests with passing tests, and it's great
+to know that you have a clean slate: `bundle && rake test[all]`. (To see tests
+in the browser, run `rackup` and open `http://localhost:9292/?package=all`.)
+3. Add a test for your change. Only refactoring and documentation changes
+require no new tests. If you are adding functionality or fixing a bug, we need
+a test!
+4. Make the test pass.
+5. Push to your fork and submit a pull request. Please provide us with some
+explanation of why you made the changes you made. For new features make sure to
+explain a standard use case to us.
+We try to be quick about responding to tickets but sometimes we get a bit
+backlogged. If the response is slow, try to find someone on IRC (#emberjs) to
+give the ticket a review.
+Some things that will increase the chance that your pull request is accepted,
+taken straight from the Ruby on Rails guide:
+* Use Ember idioms and helpers
+* Include tests that fail without your code, and pass with it
+* Update the documentation, the surrounding one, examples elsewhere, guides,
+ whatever is affected by your contribution
+* Two spaces, no tabs.
+* No trailing whitespace. Blank lines should not have any space.
+* a = b and not a=b.
+* Follow the conventions you see used in the source already.
+And in case we didn't emphasize it enough: we love tests!
+NOTE: Partially copied from

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