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var classify = Ember.String.classify, get = Ember.get;
The Mappable mixin is designed to assist classes that need supply a mapping
API on their class, then reify that mapping to make it available on their
For example, DS.Store uses this mixin to implement the `registerAdapter` API.
API consumers can call `registerAdapter`, which adds entries to the
`_adaptersMap` private property.
The first time an adapter is looked up, the instance calls `_reifyMappings`
with the mapping name. This collapse all of the registered mappings in the
entire class hierarchy into a mapping on the instance.
This mixin is not currently designed for public consumption. It's API does
not yet expose the firm yet yielding API contours that Ember.js developers
expect. If you want to make this available more broadly, please clean it up
DS.Mappable = Ember.Mixin.create({
_reifyMappings: function(mappingName) {
var mappingsKey = '_' + mappingName + 'Map',

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