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Updated README with a little more explanation about the Adapters and …

…a link back to the guides to read more about the RESTAdapter.
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@@ -6,9 +6,22 @@ updating those models, then saving the changes back to a persistence layer. It
provides many of the facilities you'd find in server-side ORMs like ActiveRecord, but is
designed specifically for the unique environment of JavaScript in the browser.
-This is definitely alpha-quality. The basics work, but there are for
+Ember Data provides a central Data Store, which can be configured with a range of
+provided Adapters, but two core Adapters are provided: the RESTAdapter and BasicAdapter.
+The RESTAdapter is configured for use by default. You can read more about it in
+the [Guides]( It provides a fully
+RESTful mechanism for communicating with your persistence layer, and is the preferred
+and recommened choice for use with Ember Data.
+The BasicAdapter is intended to provide a way for developers who want full control
+over how the persistence layer is communicated with via their own implemented Ajax
+This is definitely alpha-quality. The basics of RESTAdapter work, but there are for
sure edge cases that are not yet handled. Please report any bugs or feature
-requests, and pull requests are always welcome.
+requests, and pull requests are always welcome. The BasicAdapter is under heavy
+development at present.
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