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sbsurf commented Jul 9, 2013

In rest_serializer.js, the extractValidationErrors method only returns errors whose names match direct attributes on the parent model submitted.

However, when a model (or transaction) save is performed on a model which also includes hasMany children as its attributes, errors that invalidate the children don't get returned, even though the parent model is (correctly) invalidated.

For example, I have 2 models:

App.Grower = DS.Model.extend
  name: DS.attr('string')
  addresses: DS.hasMany('App.Address')

App.Address = DS.Model.extend(
  line_1: DS.attr("string")
  line_2: DS.attr("string")
  city: DS.attr("string")
  region: DS.attr("string")
  postalCode: DS.attr("string")

  grower: DS.belongsTo("App.Grower")

When I get a 422 from the API (which is Rails by the way), the json response also includes the invalid fields. For example:

{"errors":{"name":["can't be blank"]}}

Here, I can find this error and its details in the errors collection on the parent model (Grower).

However, if the errors are on the addresses, which come back like this:

{"errors":{"addresses.line_1":["can't be blank"]}}

these errors cannot be used, as they're not added to the parent, and I don't seem to find them on the child either.

Is there a down side to including child errors in the parent model's errors collection? Or am I missing something?


wagenet commented Aug 14, 2013

@sbsurf I think the main reason we don't include other errors is because it's not clear at what point we'd clear them.


wagenet commented Oct 13, 2013

If someone has a proposal for how to handle this, that would be awesome. Closing this ticket for now.

wagenet closed this Oct 13, 2013

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