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Creating a child record in belongsTo doesn't update the parent's list of children. #544

darthdeus opened this Issue · 17 comments

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I've had quite a hard time reproducting this in a JSFiddle, but I hope this is enough for illustration

Basically if I do something like this

var user =, 1);
App.Post.createRecord({ title: "foo", user: user });;

then the user's posts collection is not updated and still returns undefined


I tried doing something like

didCreate: function(record) {

which seems to work, sometimes. Sometimes I had the following error popup while developing my app

Uncaught Error: Attempted to handle event `becomeDirty`
on <App.Status:ember480:undefined> while in state
rootState.loaded.created.inFlight. Called with {}


Uncaught Error: Attempted to handle event `didChangeData`
on <App.Status:ember537:undefined> while in state 
rootState.loaded.updated.inFlight. Called with {}

but I haven't really been able to consistently reproduce those.

Is there a best practice for creating records in 1:N relationships?


I agree this should work, but until then try

user.posts.createRecord({title: 'foo'})

@trek cool that works great :) But how should I do this when I have multiple relationships on the model? Such as

App.Status = DS.Model.extend({
  text:     DS.attr("string"),
  user:     DS.belongsTo("App.User"),
  timeline: DS.belongsTo("App.User"),

think of this as a facebook/twitter timeline.

In this case I would want both of the belongsTo relationships to update, not just the one I do the user.statuses.createRecord.


@trek Also just realized another issue, which I'm not sure how related is to this but ... if I am sorting the collection on the server, I'm not sure how to handle that when I insert a new record. Should I also be sorting them client side, or re-fetch after each insert?



There is also a similar ticket: #529

This is a regression -- in my project createRecord() worked properly until I updated ember & ember-data to latest. I've digged a bit -- the reason is that DS.Model observers belongsToWillChange()/belongsToDidChange() are not triggered on createRecord().


git bisect shows that commit #101173b41f1ec4daed0be81cbb4f778c6b4aa16a "Bump ember to master" introduced this issue.

@ftokarev ftokarev referenced this issue from a commit
@ftokarev ftokarev Failing test for #544 4b60d0e

@darthdeus In the meantime, you can probably create a filtered record array instead (if you use this just for accessing statuses)

  statuses: (->
    App.Staus.filter (status) => status.get('user') is this

@darthdeus If you want to keep your records sorted by date, you can either hook your views to arrangedContent of the array proxy (easier; with no performance loss) or manually change the proxy by moving the record resolution to the start of the proxy.content array.


I've bisected ember.js - the commit emberjs/ember.js@ecd3161 by @ebryn introduced this issue.

@ebryn, can you take a look at this?


@wagenet , @ebryn , any updates on this?

@ftokarev ftokarev referenced this issue from a commit
@ftokarev ftokarev Fix for #544 d19b334

Turns out, if a record is materialized right before its properties are set, the issue disappears.

I wonder, are there any pitfalls with this solution?


Can someone review this? :+1:


Just migrated to the 11th revision - this issue is no longer present.


I am having a problem with createRecord.
I have this relation

App.Contact  = DS.Model.extend({
  test: DS.belongsTo('App.Test')

App.Test  = DS.Model.extend({
  text: DS.attr('string'),
  contact: DS.belongsTo('App.Contact')

Test is embedded always in Contact.

I am trying to create a new model object by calling transaction.createRecord(App.Contact), it fails to create Test object. If I make the relation Contact -hasOne-> Test to Contact -hasMany-> Test I am able to call createRecord.

I am not sure how to call createRecord for a new model object for the parent such that all children in one-to-one relationship get initialized.

Please help.


EDIT: Scratch that, my problem is solved on master.


@darthdeus Hi Jakub, what's the status of this ?


Is putting the commit in an an appropriate workaround?


this variation of the problem should be fixed on master, other variations (such as a new child being loaded from the server) are not yet, and new issues will be opened.

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