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(adapter.js) didSaveRecord's payload should only be called if record isn't deleted. #807

juan77 opened this Issue March 14, 2013 · 2 comments

2 participants

juan77 Peter Wagenet

We need to avoid calling payload after deleting a record, because causes to be loaded again.

so in if (payload) we need to change to if (payload && !record.get('isDeleted'))

didSaveRecord: function(store, type, record, payload) {

    var serializer = get(this, 'serializer'),
        mappings = serializer.mappingForType(type);

    serializer.eachEmbeddedRecord(record, function(embeddedRecord, embeddedType) {
      if (embeddedType === 'load') { return; }

      this.didSaveRecord(store, embeddedRecord.constructor, embeddedRecord);
    }, this);

    if (payload && !record.get('isDeleted')) {
      var loader = DS.loaderFor(store);
      serializer.extract(loader, payload, type);
Peter Wagenet

@juan77 Can you send a PR for this along with a failing test?

Peter Wagenet

Closing due to inactivity and since this may be fixed in the 1.0 beta. Let me know if this is still an issue.

Peter Wagenet wagenet closed this October 13, 2013
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