Invalid record handling #839

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Not sure if any of you guys saw this when it was posted (no one replied). Can I get your thoughts on the matter, please?

@KOGI KOGI referenced this issue in emberjs/ember.js Mar 27, 2013

Invalid record handling #2356


The unfulfilled DS.LoadPromise returned by a failed find hangs around until somebody calls get("attr"), at which point it resolves successfully, even through the object is useless. A tricky example involve the router and 401 Unauthorized responses appears in #838.

There's multiple questions here:

  • get("isLoaded") versus DS.LoadPromise.
  • find(7) of a record which returns an error versus querying for IDs 10, 11 and 12 and only getting 10 and 12.
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Does this issue still apply to ED 1.0?


I haven't had time to migrate to ED 1.0, yet, but I'll get to it as soon as I can unless someone else is able to get to it first.

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Cool. I'll close this and you can comment here if you still find that the issue exists in 1.0.

@wycats wycats closed this Sep 6, 2013
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