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I have a DS.Adapter#findQuery call that returns records of multiple types from the server's response, which I want to load into its modelArray. This is important because the server returns them in a specific order which I want to preserve when rendering them via {{#each}} in one of my templates.

However, the modelArray that is passed to DS.Adapter#findQuery is of type DS.AdapterPopulatedModelArray, which only supports one type of model per modelArray. Furthermore, the DS.Store#find which I use to invoke the query in the first place takes as its first argument a type.

A workaround is to use one DS.Model subclass and fake the types in some other way.


We have a similar issue with a global search feature. We pass a query into multiple components and each returns a set of matches for different object types.

Our solution is to have a model SearchResult that has attributes for name, desc, type and typeId. This way we can return and render a result set without having to have the actual model data. Then when the user makes a selection you can use the type and typeId to fetch the model.

Alternatively I wonder if there might be a way to create polymorphic model definitions?

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The reason that we store the type at present is because the ModelArray proxies to a list of clientIds, which are materialized by the server on demand via:

var contentObject = content.objectAt(index);

if (contentObject !== undefined) {
  model = store.findByClientId(get(this, 'type'), contentObject);
  modelCache.replace(index, 1, [model]);

This mirrors the API used by the adapter, which loads a series of records by type:

load: function(array) {
  var store = get(this, 'store'), type = get(this, 'type');

  var clientIds = store.loadMany(type, array).clientIds;

  set(this, 'content', Ember.A(clientIds));
  set(this, 'isLoaded', true);

Note that the call to loadMany, which gets the records into the store, is indexed by type.

I'd be interested to hear more about how a polymorphic solution would work, or how an AdapterPopulatedModelArray could support multiple types without making the general case more complicated in the adapter.


ModelArray and its subclasses could have either content be type/clientId pairs or have a types property where the index on content and types would represent the pair. Then, when talking to the store, store.findByClientId would be called with the correct type and clientId.

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There is now a limited support for polymorphism so closing.

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