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Server 422s invalidate saving models. #228

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hjdivad commented Apr 25, 2012

This is a subset of PR #87 restricted to handling 422s.

  • handles createRecord and updateRecord. Multirecord case is more complicated because of mapping errors to records.
@hjdivad hjdivad Server 422s invalidate saving models.
- handles `createRecord` and `updateRecord`.  Multirecord case is more
  complicated because of mapping errors to records.
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mixonic commented May 10, 2012

I like it. It's making my life pleasant until server-side errors make it into the errors object in #181.


Hi. After the record was marked invalid, how to recommit the transaction?

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@alexdinu08 The next time you set a property on the record it should transition from the invalid state. Alternatively you can do this manually if you know the record is in an invalid state with record.send("becameValid");

@hjdivad thanks! record.send("becameValid"); worked

@hjdivad the problem is when the record to be saved hasMany objects. when editing the hasMany objects, ember-data will give an error: "...could not respond to event setProperty in state rootState.loaded.created.pending.committing."

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@alexdinu08 do you have a jsFiddle or jsbin example?

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machty commented Oct 1, 2012

what's the status on this? would be nice to have. what's the alternative in the meantime?

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hjdivad commented Jan 3, 2013

superseded by #476.

@hjdivad hjdivad closed this Jan 3, 2013
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