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Only attempt to sideload keys with array values #833

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Why does adding ok fix the test? I think in this case we should throw an assert and not silently ignore the key. Do you have a use case for ignoring keys?


I feel like we would want a more comprehensive solution for this as you could reasonably expect the metadata to be an array as well. Maybe some api for specifying non sideloaded keys or smth? @tomdale ?


I think #815 solves this use case?

@igorT igorT closed this

#815 has been merged in

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Commits on Mar 22, 2013
  1. Only attempt to sideload keys with array values

    Adam Hawkins authored
Commits on Mar 23, 2013
  1. Fix failing test

    twinturbo authored
  2. Prefer Ember.isArray

    twinturbo authored
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1  packages/ember-data/lib/serializers/json_serializer.js
@@ -222,6 +222,7 @@ DS.JSONSerializer = DS.Serializer.extend({
for (var prop in json) {
if (!json.hasOwnProperty(prop) ||
+ !Ember.isArray(json[prop]) ||
prop === root ||
prop === this.configOption(type, 'meta')) {
3  packages/ember-data/tests/integration/rollback_test.js
@@ -593,6 +593,9 @@ test("A deleted record should be restored to a belongsTo relationship if the tra
var post = store.find(Post, 1);
var comment1 = store.find(Comment, 1);
+ ok(comment1.get('post'), 'precond - belongsTo set');
+ ok(!Ember.isEmpty(post.get('comments')), 'precond - hasMany set');
var oldValue = comment1.get('post');
var transaction = store.transaction();
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