ember-inflector goal is to be rails compatible.
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Ember Inflector Build Status

Ember Inflector is a library for inflecting words between plural and singular forms. Ember Inflector aims to be compatible with ActiveSupport::Inflector from Ruby on Rails, including the ability to add your own inflections in your app.


Ember CLI/NPM:

npm install --save ember-inflector


All methods are always available from Ember.Inflector, but in Ember CLI, you can always import instead:

import Inflector from 'ember-inflector';
import {singularize, pluralize} from 'ember-inflector';

Inflector.inflector.singularize("tacos"); // taco
Inflector.inflector.pluralize("taco"); // tacos

singularize("tacos"); // taco
pluralize("taco"); // tacos

// or if not using Ember CLI/ES6
Ember.Inflector.inflector.pluralize("taco"); // tacos