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This addon allows you to easily enable/disable optional features in ember-source. To clarify what we mean by optional, these are features that will be opt-in/opt-out and optional for the foreseeable future, not features that will be enabled by default. It is intended for use with apps only not addons.


ember install @ember/optional-features


From command-line

List available features

Features will only be available in versions of ember-source that included them. To list all available features run:

ember feature:list

Enable/disable features

To enable a feature, run:

ember feature:enable some-feature

Similarly, if you want to disable a feature, you can run:

ember feature:disable some-feature

At build-time (from an addon)

This addon exposes a build-time method called isFeatureEnabled, which can be called from an addon's index.js, e.g.:

included() {
  let optionalFeatues = this.addons.find(a => === '@ember/optional-features');
  if (optionalFeatures.isFeatureEnabled('jquery-integration') {
    // ...

At run-time (from an app or addon)

WIP -- there does not yet exist a public API for accessing the state of optional features at runtime. This issue is tracking it.